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Jul 04, 2023 • Money

Born Rich or Born Smart: The Unfair Game of Life

Why Use Your Brain When You Can Use Daddy's Wallet?

Born Rich or Born Smart: The Unfair Game of Life

Ah, the age-old question: Is it better to be born rich or smart? While some may argue that intelligence and hard work should be the keys to success, let's dive into the world of privilege, luxury yachts, and trust funds to explore why being born rich might just have the upper hand.

1. Financial Perks That Make the 1% Jealous

Let's kick off this wild ride with the undeniable perks of being born into wealth. According to Forbes, the top 1% in the United States owns over 40% of the country's wealth. That's a staggering amount of cashmere sweaters, private jets, and caviar to enjoy.

While smart folks are busy studying, attending lectures, and racking up student loans, the born-rich crew gets a head start with a padded bank account, access to prestigious schools and connections, and a safety net that could catch a falling unicorn. Need a new business venture? No problem! Just call up your dad's wealthy friends for some easy investment capital.

2. The "Genius" of Wealth Accumulation

Sure, intelligence is impressive, but let's not underestimate the genius of wealth accumulation. While smart individuals struggle to pay off student loans and save for retirement, the born-rich have an army of financial advisors, tax loopholes, and offshore bank accounts at their disposal. They can navigate the complex world of investments and multiply their fortunes faster than you can say "stock market crash."

3. Inheritance: The Ultimate Cheat Code

Here's where things get truly unfair. Inheritance, my friends, is the ultimate cheat code in the game of life. According to a study by economists Piketty and Saez, inheritance accounts for a significant portion of wealth accumulation among the ultra-rich. It's like winning the lottery without buying a ticket!

While smart folks work hard to climb the corporate ladder or build their own business from scratch, the born-rich get a jumpstart with a hefty inheritance. Why bother with sleepless nights and gray hairs when you can simply inherit a golden ticket to success?

4. The Social Circle: Where Connections Trump Competence

As the saying goes, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." And when you're born into wealth, your social circle is a who's who of influential individuals. Fancy parties, exclusive clubs, and high-profile events become your playground, giving you unparalleled access to opportunities that the mere mortals of intelligence can only dream of.

Whether it's landing a plum job through a family connection or securing a lucrative business deal over a round of golf, the born-rich have an undeniable advantage in the realm of networking and connections.

The Bottom Line: Unfair Advantage or a Twist of Fate?

While it's easy to be lured by the glitz and glamour of being born rich, let's not forget that intelligence and hard work can still lead to success. After all, some of the world's most influential figures rose from humble beginnings.

But hey, if you had the choice between starting life with a silver spoon or a brain like Einstein's, who wouldn't be tempted by the allure of wealth? Just remember, being born rich doesn't guarantee happiness or fulfillment, and the value of intelligence and personal achievement should never be underestimated. So, sharpen your mind, pursue your passions, and perhaps, just perhaps, one day you'll be able to outshine the glitter of inherited wealth with your own brilliance.

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