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Personal Finance Writer, Blogger, and FIRE Advocate

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About Alena Bodnar

I'm Alena Yeva Bodnár, a writer and blogger with a passion for personal finance, retirement planning, and investing. Through my writing, I try to empower readers on their financial journey, sharing practical tips and insights to help them achieve their financial goals. Whether it's understanding the basics of budgeting and saving, navigating the complexities of investing, or exploring strategies for early retirement, I provide valuable information and actionable advice.

When I'm not writing, I love indulging in my passion for cooking. Experimenting with different cuisines and flavors in my kitchen is a creative outlet for me. I also prioritize my physical and mental well-being, practicing yoga and engaging in circuit training to stay healthy and balanced.

Follow me on this adventure as we navigate the world of personal finance, retirement planning, and beyond.

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